Subramanyam Das 6 Aug, 2012

In TALLY ERP9 Payroll, TDS, Input/Output VAT, FBT, Batch No. & Mfg. & Exp. Date are not available please update the Tally ERP9 Package

Nabakumar Dhar 6 Aug, 2012

We need one or two years diploma course like IGNOU. It will be help us to better run our business.

Anirban Ray 6 Aug, 2012

No 1 years course

Sri Jamini Phukan 23 Jul, 2012

The computer fundamental course is very good.

eLearning Admin 23 Jul, 2012

Your appreciation is our reward.

Rabirashmi Mahakhud 18 Jun, 2012

This port was needed for us every time and nice portal. Thanks for developed new portal

eLearning Admin 23 Jul, 2012

We are delighted that you liked our eLearning portal.

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