VLE 24 Nov, 2014

There is a great demand for courses on board exam preparation.
It will be great help if such courses are provided.

eLearning Admin 1 Jun, 2012

We have already identified it and working on the same. We have taken up the cost factor to our sales & marketing team.

Nabakumar Dhar 1 Jun, 2012


Subramanyam Das 6 Aug, 2012

In TALLY ERP9 Payroll, TDS, Input/Output VAT, FBT, Batch No. & Mfg. & Exp. Date are not available please update the Tally ERP9 Package

Nabakumar Dhar 6 Aug, 2012

We need one or two years diploma course like IGNOU. It will be help us to better run our business.

Anirban Ray 6 Aug, 2012

No 1 years course

Sri Jamini Phukan 23 Jul, 2012

The computer fundamental course is very good.

eLearning Admin 23 Jul, 2012

Your appreciation is our reward.

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